DC ADVENTURES Heroes & Villains, Vol. 2 (PDF)

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DC ADVENTURES Heroes & Villains, Vol. 2 (PDF)

Darren Bulmer, Leon Chang, Walt Ciechanowski, Chris Huff, Seth Johnson, Matt Kaiser, Steve Kenson, Christopher McGlothlin M.Ed., Alejandro Melchor, Jason Mical, Jack Norris, Aaron Sullivan, Steve Trustrum, and Ray Winninger
Format: 304-page, full-color PDF
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The DC Universe features a dazzling array of characters who have thrilled readers for generations. The two-volume Heroes & Villains set details more than 500 of those characters for use in your DC Adventures games, all featuring character stats fully compatible with the award-winning Mutants & Masterminds RPG. Vol. 2 picks up where Vol. 1 left off, covering characters from the League of Assassins and Legion of Super-Heroes to Zatanna and Zauriel. With Heroes & Villains in-hand, you will never lack for characters to use in your game, from heroic guest-stars and villainous foes to heroes suitable as ready-to-play characters. You'll also have a comprehensive guide for modeling your own DC characters based on existing examples along with a collection of animals and monsters useful for mimics and shapechangers. It's the comprehensive guide to the heroes and villains of the DC Universe no fan should be without!

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