Cthulhu Awakens Game Master's Kit (Preorder)


Cthulhu Awakens Game Master’s Kit
Writing & Design: Crystal Frasier, Steve Kenson, Ian Lemke, Chris Pramas, Malcolm Sheppard
Art: Tentacles & Teeth, Andrey Vasilchenko

Art Direction & Graphic Design: Hal Mangold
Format: 3-panel hardback GM Screen, booklet, and 6 reference cards

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The Cthulhu Awakens Game Master's Kit is a collection of resources that helps you smoothly deliver terror and adventure to your players. It provides a sturdy Game Master's screen that displays stunts and other essential information. Six quick reference cards provide further assistance with commonly used rules, and a dry-erase friendly combat tracker that helps you follow violent moments of triumph, or doom. The secrets of the Game Master’s Kit are revealed in Unexpurgated Texts, a booklet detailing a dozen fell grimoires and their modern counterparts, each in an expanded, 2-page format listing the eldritch workings and other strange secrets each of them contains. The Cthulhu Awakens Game Master's Kit is the perfect complement to the game’s core rulebook.

SKU: GRR6403
ISBN: 9781949160925

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