Emerald City Knights Adventure Series (PDF)


Emerald City Knights (PDF)
An adventure series for Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition
Authors: Darren Bulmer, Seth Johnson, Steve Kenson, Prof. Christopher McGlothlin M.Ed., and Aaron Sullivan
Art: Brett Barkley, Darren Calvert, Ceci de la Cruz, Gene Decicco, Alberto Foche, Sean Izaakse, Scott James, Mike-Lito, MK Ultra, and Andy Smith
Format: 122-page, full-color, bookmarked PDF book, with Hero Lab files for 46 characters
A 14.9 MB download

Please Note: Emerald City Knights is included in the Emerald City campaign setting, in both PDF and print. Also, the adventures in this product are available as individual PDFs.

Emerald City Needs Heroes!

Emerald City opens up a wider world for Third Edition of the World’s Greatest Superhero RPG,Mutants & Masterminds! Set on the “Earth-Prime” of the award-winning Freedom City, Emerald City provides a home base for your heroes and all new places for adventure and excitement! It is a growing Pacific Northwest metropolis where life was quiet and routine. It didn't have alien armadas filling the sky, or mad gods trying to turn it into a Hell on Earth. Things were stable… until the Silver Storm tore through the city and unleashed a flood of new superpowers—and threats!

The Emerald City Knights PDF is one book of the larger set. It is a complete introductory adventure series that takes the heroes from the origins of super-powers in the city to a world-spanning threat that has been hidden there throughout history! Also available as individual chapters if you prefer.

In the wake of the Silver Storm, super-criminals have cast aside years of fragile peace, ready to go to war to settle old scores and claim the throne of the city's underworld. Emerald City has no established super-team to call on in this crisis; it is a city that needs heroes.

Answer the call!

Here's the full Emerald City set.


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