The Lost Citadel Fantasy AGE Conversion Codex (PDF)


Fantasy AGE Meets the Age of Redoubt

Uses Fantasy AGE RPG RulesPDF FormatThe Lost Citadel Fantasy AGE Conversion Codex (PDF)
Author: Malcolm Sheppard
Artists: Todd Lockwood, Stanislav Dikioleno, Rael Dionisio, Mirko Failoni, Francesco Di Pastena, Sveteslov Petrov
Format: 36-page PDF

The Lost Citadel Roleplaying presented Redoubt, the final city of mortals in a world conquered by the undead, with new classes, powers, and creatures for 5th Edition. Now The Lost Citadel Conversion Codex brings a complete Fantasy AGE rules adaptation to the world of The Lost Citadel, with new game systems for the ever-present Dead and mortals alike. Inside this book, you’ll find:

  • Rules for dwarves, elves, human cultures, and the ghûl people of Redoubt.
  • More than 20 talents and specializations, from the art of Ceremonial Magic to the ways of the Penitent and Witch.
  • The martial arts of Redoubt for Fantasy AGE.
  • New rules for magic and Woe, the energy of Death that plagues it, including ways to cast spells as ceremonies.
  • Rules for equipment and material living in the unique environment of Redoubt.
  • Fantasy AGE treatments of the Dead of The Lost Citadel, along with how to use creatures from other Fantasy AGE books in the setting.

The Lost Citadel Conversion Codex requires the Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook and The Lost Citadel Roleplaying to make full use of it, though the rules might be useful in any Fantasy AGE campaign.

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