Titansgrave: The Hermit's Road (Fantasy AGE PDF)


PDF FormatTitansgrave: The Hermit's Road (PDF)
An adventure for Fantasy AGE
For heroes of levels 2-4
Writing and Design: Gary Astleford
Development: Chris Pramas
Editing: Evan Sass
Graphic Design and Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Cartography: Andy Law
Art: Mirco Paganessi
Format: 10-page, full-color PDF [2.9 MB download]

In The Hermit's Road, a Titansgrave adventure for the Fantasy AGE RPG, the Player Characters  are sent to investigate the existence of purported pre-Cataclysm ruins on the outskirts of the City-State of Karros. Here they discover more than they bargained for, as the ruins hide a secret more valuable than gold or jewels.

The Hermit's Road is designed for characters of levels 2-4. You only need the Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook to run it, though having Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana is certainly helpful.

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