A Shadow in the Downs: An Adventure for The Lost Citadel RPG (5e Softcover Book)


5e CompatibleA Shadow in the Downs (PDF)
An Introductory Adventure for The Lost Citadel

Author: Kate Baker
Cover Artist: Mirko Failoni
Format: 32-page, full-color, softcover book

This introductory adventure for level 3 characters—the recommended starting level for Lost Citadel Roleplaying characters—brings players into this dark fantasy 5e setting, where the risen Dead besiege and infiltrate the last city of the living. When a dwarf in this final city, Redoubt, goes missing, heroes must delve cult-haunted ruins and forgotten tunnels to see what strange transformations the powers of death have wrought. Requires the Lost Citadel Roleplaying rulebook and Fifth Edition core rules.

    A Shadow in the Downs requires The Lost Citadel Roleplaying and the Fifth Edition core rules.

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    ISBN: 9781949160901

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