Dragon Age: Blood in Ferelden (PDF)


Dragon Age: Blood in Ferelden (PDF)
Authors: Walt Ciechanowski, Kevin Kulp, and TS Luikart
Format: 128-page, black-and-white PDF

Adventures are the heart of any roleplaying game but GMs on the go don't always have time to create their own. Blood in Ferelden contains three full-length adventures for the Dragon Age RPG, as well as three adventure outlines whose bare bones can be fleshed out for even more action. The player characters will visit savage borderlands like the Korcari Wilds and Frostback Mountains, as well as facing foes of a different sort in Ferelden's capital of Denerim. The adventures in Blood in Ferelden are suitable for characters of level 1-5 and add a wealth of detail to any Dragon Age campaign. But be warned: There will be blood!

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