Freedom City Archetypes & Legacies (PDF)


This 14-page Mutants & Masterminds supplement, written by Michael Hammes, offers a total of ten archetypes and legacies for the Freedom City campaign setting. Now players can play such Freedom City archetypes as the Rogue Grue and Lor Star Captain or take on the mantle of heroic Freedom City legacies such as the Freedom Eagle and Champion of Light. Gamemasters can put these archetypes and legacies into play as NPCs in their own Freedom City games as is, or use them as a handy guide for customizing their own versions.

The archetypes and legacies inside are:

  • Champion of Light — successor to the Beacon.
  • DNAscendant — fortunate survivor of the DNAscent process.
  • Freedom Eagle II — a classic hero soars again.
  • Lor Star-Captain — have starship, will travel.
  • Rogue Grue — freed from the Unity and defending the freedom of others.
  • Scarab Reborn — reincarnation of prince Heru-Ra.
  • Shambala Master — questing mystic martial artist.
  • Star Knight — guarding the Earth from the scum of the universe.
  • Ultiman Exile — using tremendous gifts for justice.
  • Utopian Envoy — leaving a sheltered existance for the greater good.

Produced by Ronin Arts.

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