Villainous Archetypes 1 (PDF)


This 13-page Mutants & Masterminds supplement, written by Michael Hammes, details ten new villainous archetypes. Each features suggestions for variations of the archetype as well as a trio of capers appropriate for the villain.

The archetypes inside are:

  • Arrogant Paragon — destined to rule all "lesser beings."
  • Cosmic Herald — the World Devourer's advance scout.
  • Criminal Prankster — the clown princess of crime.
  • Great Hunter — hunting the most dangerous game.
  • Homicidal Psychopath — giving power tools a bad name.
  • Malevolent Cyborg — part human, part machine, all villain.
  • Master Thief — don't bother to lock up your valuables.
  • Unscrupulous Billionaire — he who has the gold makes the rules.
  • Unstoppable Force — punishing bruiser.
  • World Devourer — the end of the world.

Produced by Ronin Arts.

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