Sentinels of Earth-Prime: Eldritch Hero Mini-Expansion


Sentinels of Earth-Prime Superheroic Card Game

Eldritch Hero Mini-Expansion
for Sentinels of Earth-Prime

Eldritch is a new hero for the Sentinels of Earth-Prime card game. Originally an archeologist in the 1930s, he is now the world’s Master Mage. Eldritch is an ally of the Freedom League and provides Earth-Prime’s first line of defense against mystical threats. This mini-expansion includes a unique 40-card deck, a hero character card, a variant card, and a divider that fits right in the core game’s box. This deck is also 100% compatible with Sentinels of the Multiverse. Expand your Sentinels of Earth-Prime character options with Eldritch!

For use with Sentinels of Earth-Prime

Sentinels of Earth-Prime is a cooperative card game that recreates the pulse pounding action of superhero comics. This epic team up between Green Ronin Publishing and Greater Than Games uses the rules of the hit game Sentinels of the Multiverse and the setting and characters of the critically acclaimed Mutants & Masterminds Roleplaying Game. Play a hero of the Freedom League like Lady Liberty, Captain Thunder, or Johnny Rocket striving against the schemes of villains such as Argo the Ultimate Android and Omega, Lord of the Terminus, in dynamic environments like Tartarus and Freedom City.

Sentinels of Earth-Prime is a stand-alone game but everything is 100% compatible with previous Sentinels of the Multiverse releases and decks can be mixed and matched as you desire.

Earth-Prime needs heroes! Will you answer the call?

SKU: GRR3014
ISBN: 9781949160826

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