Dragon Age: Duty Unto Death (PDF)


Duty Unto Death
A Free PDF-Format Adventure
For the Dragon Age RPG
Design & Writing: Chris Pramas

Duty Unto Death is the Dragon Age RPG adventure that Chris Pramas ran on Wil Wheaton's show TableTop.

Duty Unto Death is a complete free adventure for characters of level 2 or 3, including player handouts and the same 3rd level pre-generated Grey Warden recruits that the aforementioned quartet adventured with in Ferelden. Just add Dragon Age Set 1 and you're ready to go! (You can get the PDF version right now if you don't have it.)

But if you're strapped for cash, we've got some more free resources ready for you to download and play: The Dragon Age Quickstart PDF that includes enough rules to play, pre-generated characters, and a short adventure. 

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