The Lost Citadel GM Screen (5E PDF)


PDF Format5e (Fifth Edition) CompatibleTHE CITY IS CALLED REDOUBT...

Some say the doors to the Underworld flew from their hinges. Others believe that the god of the dead went mad. Whatever the cause, across the lands of Zileska, the dead have become the Dead. Whether human, elf, dwarf, or monstrous ghûl, all must survive the horror of this world overrun by death, where all that’s left of civilization has gathered behind the walls of the world’s last bastion of the living…

The city of Redoubt.


The world of The Lost Citadel awaits! The Lost Citadel Game Master’s Screen is a key accessory for your campaign in the world of The Lost Citadel Roleplaying. It features a three-panel printable screen that puts all the essential game information right in front of the Game Master, including conditions, setting-specific item statistics, charts for the Woe sub-system, and names common to the civilizations and cultures of Zileska! The Lost Citadel Game Master’s Screen is the perfect complement to the The Lost Citadel Roleplaying. (Requires the Fifth Edition core rules to play.)

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