Thieves' World Gazetteer (PDF)


Thieves' World Gazetteer (PDF)
A Thieves' World Campaign Setting Guide for 3rd Era Games
By Lynn Abbey, Brian Campbell, Patrick O'Duffy, and Robert J. Schwalb
Format: 144-page, fully-bookmarked PDF distilled from source files
A 9.9MB download
Version 3.5 rules-compatible

Azehur, Firaqa, the Rankan Empire, the Kingdom of Ilsig, and more have resonated in the stories and deeds of the famous heroes and villains of Sanctuary. The Thieves' World Gazetteer presents all new information on the world of Sanctuary, expanding the focus to reveal the peoples and places in the Known World. From the Cold Lands in the northeast to the Gate of the East, Mrsevada, the Thieves' World Gazetteer is packed full of information. In addition, this volume includes extensive details on the gods of Thieves' World, a comprehensive history, and a discussion on the cosmology and planes, along with a slew of new cultures, backgrounds, and other supplementary information. With the Thieves' World Gazetteer, Sanctuary is just the beginning of a larger world of adventure!

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