Wild Cards: All-In (PDF)


Wild Cards: All-In
A Mutants & Masterminds Adventure Anthology
Authors: Bill Bodden, Dwayne Butchino, Steve Kenson, John Polojac, and Mark Santillo
Format: 96 page PDF distilled from source files
A 4.7 MB download

Kick off your new Wild Cards campaign with this exciting collection of Mutants & Masterminds adventures. All-In presents four ready-to-play scenarios set in the fantastic world of Wild Cards. Meet up with some of the most famous (and infamous) characters of the novels, like Dr. Tachyon, Modular Man, and the Great and Powerful Turtle, and give your aces and jokers the chance to join their ranks by making names for themselves.

Don't wait! Take the hand you're dealt and go... All-In!

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