Wild Cards SCARE Sheet 19: Cameo (PDF)


For Mutants & Masterminds Third EditionPDF FormatWild Cards SCARE Sheet 19: Cameo (PDF)
For Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition
Writing and Design: John Jos. Miller and Steve Kenson
Development: Jon Leitheusser
Original Character Creation: Kevin Andrew Murphy
Editing: Spike Y Jones
Art Direction: Pauline Benney
Graphic Design: Hal Mangold
Art: Sean Izaakse
Format: 3-page, full-color, zipped PDF with Hero Lab file [636 KB]

SCARE Sheets, written by John Jos. Miller, with game material and notes by Steve Kenson, is an expansion to our Wild Cards sourcebook, looking at the epic shared world setting changed forever when an alien virus mutates some of humanity into super-powered aces and twisted and deformed jokers. SCARE Sheets look at the characters of the new generation of Wild Cards books, starting with Inside Straight and continuing through Busted Flush and Suicide Kings.

SCARE is the Special Committee for Ace Resources and Endeavors, a U.S. government agency dealing with wild carders, and the products are formatted as SCARE reports on important ace and joker characters and factions. Each entry gets you a full write-up of a single character or short write-ups of a small group or faction.


A retrocognitive trance-channeler, Cameo is a gateway for the dead to return to the land of the living temporarily, by possessing her body, so long as she has some keepsake of theirs to hold. As part of the bargain, dead aces can use their powers as well, but who is the real Cameo and what’s life when you’re always with the dead?

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