AGE Bestiary: Giants (PDF)


AGE Bestiary: Giants (PDF)
A bestiary for the Adventure Game Engine
100% compatible with the Dragon Age RPG
Design: Jack Norris
Development: Chris Pramas
Editing: Evan Sass
Graphic Design: Hal Mangold
Art: Jullian Allen, James Ryman
Publisher, AGE System Design: Chris Pramas
Format: 6-page, two-color PDF [2 MB download]

Larger than life threats, giants are a staple in fantasy, mythology, and folklore. There's something about angry, powerful humanoids of truly monstrous size that sparks terror and wonder. Giants come in various sizes, types, and range from savvy tricksters to near-mindless brutes. This PDF provides background and rules for using giants in your AGE campaign, including three giant types, elemental giant customizations, gigantic creatures, giant-slaying weapons, and the half-giant background.

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Tags: Adventure Game Engine (AGE), PDFs


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