FAQs (Fastidiously Answered Queries)

Ordering in-stock items alongside pre-order items:

If you order an in-stock item at the same time you place a pre-order for an upcoming book, your in-stock items will be held so that everything can be shipped together to save on shipping costs. If you want items to ship immediately, order them separately from any pre-ordered items. Electronic products can be ordered with in-stock or pre-ordered items with no delay.

I bought PDFs a long time ago and now my order history doesn't show them:

Along with your old password, your order history and download links were left behind when we moved our online store. The new system uses a completely different data structure and a completely different download management system, so we could not just import that information into the new store. We have created a secure system for you to access your old download links. Just visit https://www.greenronin.com/downloads/ and follow the directions. You can also write to pdfsupport@greenronin.com to get support for any PDFs you've purchased in our Green Ronin Online Store.

My order status says "fulfilled" but I haven't received anything!

Because we use an outside company for our fulfillment and shipping, when an order is listed "fulfilled" in our online store that signals that your order was successfully passed on to the fulfillment company on that date. When they finish fulfillment and ship the product, they send us an invoice with a tracking number attached and we have a lovely intern who transfers those numbers to your order information in our store and generates an email notifying you that it's shipped. A little more cumbersome than Amazon's process but we do try to make it work.

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You can set the offer title and subtitle in your Upsell Offer!

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