Shipping Policy

"Two Day Shipping" does not mean two day delivery.

We cannot compete with Amazon when it comes to shipping speed. Orders from this online store are fulfilled by our warehousing partner in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The fine people there who pick and pack and ship our web orders are not there on the weekends. What does this mean for you? Say you place your order on Friday as you leave work in San Francisco. Maybe you're planning on sneaking out early to make it home sooner, so you place your order at 4:30. It's already 7:30pm at our warehouse, and no one there will see your order until Monday. Yours is not the only order awaiting them on Monday when they get back to work. Typically they will inform us that they have received and recorded the order and it will be picked, packed, and shipped within two business days from there. So, received and recorded on Monday, picked and packed on Tuesdayon Wednesday the delivery company scans the product into their system, and it's delivered safely to your doorstep on Friday, two days after it shipped.

The Reality of Pre-Orders:

Pre-orders (orders for books that are print-ready but have not yet been printed) cannot ship to you until the product is printed somewhere in the world (it depends on the printer) and shipped to that Fort Wayne, Indiana warehouse we mentioned above. If you order PDFs at the same time as you place a pre-order, you'll get access to the PDFs right away. If you order in-stock items in the same order as a pre-order item, the in-stock item will be held until the pre-ordered item is available. Especially with regard to orders shipping to addresses outside the United States, if we were to fulfill orders combining pre-ordered and in-print items as separate shipments ("split-shipping"), we would lose money on every order.

If speed of delivery for those in-print items is an issue, in-stock items and pre-order items should be purchased separately.

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