Adventures in Aldea: A Wanton Curse (A Blue Rose PDF)


PDF FormatA Wanton Curse (PDF)
An Adventure in Aldea for the Blue Rose RPG
By Kira Magrann
Art: Claudia Iannaciello, David Keen, Olga Drebas,
Priscilla Kim, Johnny Morrow, Mirco Paganessi, & Steve Wood
Format: 22 page full-color PDF 

A Wanton Curse: An autumnal gathering hosted by a borderland noble takes a turn for the tragic when an evil seeks to slake its thirst for blood and vengeance. Though the heroes were simply guests to the seasonal fete, can they rise to the occasion and help overcome the predator on the prowl? An adventure for 4 to 6 characters of levels 12–15.

NOTE: A Wanton Curse also appears in the adventure collection Six of Swords, available for purchase separately.

About Adventures in Aldea

Regularly released, Adventures in Aldea offer action, intrigue, and mystery in the world of Blue Rose, the AGE Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy. All across the land, heroes are needed—adventure awaits!

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