Blue Rose Narrator's Kit (AGE System PDF)


PDF FormatBlue Rose AGE RPG Game Master’s Kit (PDF)
Design: Josh Gutenberg, Jesse Hibbs, and Steve Kenson
Cover Artist: Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Interior Artist: Britt Martin
Format: Four PDFs: One with three pages of screen art, one with three pages of screen tables, one with 16 pages of pre-generated 1st-level characters


The Blue Rose Narrator's Kit (PDF format) is a key accessory for your Blue Rose RPG campaign. It features PDFs of the same art and tables from the three-panel hardback screen, along with PDFs of ten pages' worth of the same quick reference cards from the printed version.This product includes electronic versions of all the essential game info you need at the table. The reference cards put the stunts and actions on your tablet or phone, and you can print the combat tracker so you can write on it at the table. (We strongly advise against writing on your iPad.)

The Narrator’s Kit (PDF format) is the perfect complement to the Blue Rose AGE RPG and will help you kick off your game with style.

(Also available in a print version, which is writable / erasable with wet or dry markers.)


  • Origins Award Nominee for Roleplaying Game, 2018

Nominated for an Origins Award! (Roleplaying Game category, 2018)

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Tags: Adventure Game Engine (AGE), Blue Rose, PDFs


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