Blue Rose Quickstart (Free PDF)


Into the Green Wood

In the green shadows of the Pavin Weald, a wolf goes missing, and our heroes are charged to discover where she might have disappeared to. Journey through these old wild woods on a trail of hope and desperation, where hope offers a way out of a bad life, and some soul-deep bonds—however new—are stronger than what keeps us mired in the pain of the past.

...In the Name of Hope

Welcome to the world of Blue Rose, the game of romantic fantasy roleplaying for the Adventure Game Engine (AGE)! Contained herein are everything you need to start playing in the Kingdom of Aldis, including...

  • A summary of the Adventure Game Engine’s rules, introducing you to all the basic concepts of AGE.
  • The Rhy Wolf’s Woe, a scenario specifically designed to welcome you and your players to Blue Rose and the World of Aldea.
  • The Family Nightsong, a selection of nine pre-generated characters, complete with interlocking relationships.

Blue Rose is easy to learn and play, requiring nothing
but six-sided dice, writing materials, and friends to play with.
Blue Rose: The AGE RPG of Romantic Fantasy is available now!

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