Shadowtide: Recipes From Aldea (Free PDF)


Recipes From Aldea presents actual, cookable, real-life recipes for food found in Joseph D. Carriker, Jr.'s Blue Rose novel Shadowtide

Recipes included in this free PDF:

  • Audmila's Marsh Apple Cider
  • Yella's Red Stew
  • Soot's Granola
  • Bog Hollow Boar
  • Windsall's Twice-Done Turnips
  • Laugh and Wink Flatbread
  • Marsh Apple Marmalade
  • Imelda's Fruit and Nut Pastry
  • Lirison's Candied Citrus

These recipes were designed, tested, and written by Jess Hartley.

Here's Jess, with more about Recipes From Aldea!

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