Cthulhu Awakens: Dreadcrawls #0 (PDF-format Zine)

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Dreadcrawls Issue Zero: Strange Places (PDF)
A zine supporting the Cthulhu Awakens Roleplaying Game
Design: Jesse Heinig

Editing and Development: Malcolm Sheppard
Graphic Design, Layout, Art Direction, Cover and Interior Art, Cartography: Matt Sturm
Format: 28-page full-color PDF


Mountains of madness, cave complexes inhabited since before history, and secret temples under moldering ruins are all part of the Mythos horror genre. With DREADCRAWLS #0: Strange Places, you can generate these bizarre, haunted locations with a few dice rolls and simple decisions. From underground complexes to hyper-dimensional locales folded into non-Euclidean shapes, create haunted lairs for the Mythos with a tried and true old school, table-based method.

DREADCRAWLS is the official zine for Cthulhu Awakens, the AGE roleplaying game of Mythos horror, across the Weird Century.

About Cthulhu Awakens

Cthulhu Awakens brings cosmic horror and the Cthulhu Mythos to Green Ronin’s popular AGE System. This complete RPG reimagines and expands the Mythos beyond the biases of the original stories, creating a setting designed specifically for roleplaying eldritch adventures. Delve into the secrets of the Weird Century. Follow aliens and cults through wars, the broken atom, the rise of digital and genetic technologies, and the horrors of social media. Contend with Deep One cults, Yithian agents, and terrifying revelations from across the globe—and within your dreams.

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