Danger Zones: Parade Route (FREE PDF)

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PDF FormatFor Mutants & Masterminds 3rd EditionDanger Zones: Parade Route (PDF)
Steve Kenson
Crystal Frasier
Editing: Jaym Gates
Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Graphic Design: Crystal Frasier
Art: Alberto Foche, Micah Weltsch

Everyone Loves A Parade

Take Pride in your city with this celebratory preview of the upcoming Danger Zones series of products for Mutants & Masterminds!

Disaster looms, and heroes must survive danger from more than just the villains they face! Buildings topple, traffic roars past, and security meant to protect a building just as readily serves whomever holds the key. The city is a landscape of deadly locales, urban hazards, and colorful characters who can all turn the tide of battle for—or against—an imperiled hero. Danger Zones transforms the background of your super-powered fights into a critical location, whose features contribute to the excitement.

Danger Zones

The setting of any given adventure scene shouldn’t be an interchangeable cardboard cutout. In superhero stories, where the action happens can be just as iconic as why or against whom. A battle in a chemical plant poses different dangers to the heroes and strategies for the villains that a brawl in a bank lobby or a slugfest in the local high school. But capturing the mood and bringing the dangers to life can feel daunting for a Gamemaster. Danger Zones provides you with all the tools you need, from maps to rules to statblocks, to help bring your scenes to life!

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