Mutants & Masterminds Danger Zones: School (PDF)


PDF FormatFor Mutants & Masterminds 3rd EditionMutants & Masterminds Danger Zones: School (PDF)
Writing: Bridget Renoux
Design: Crystal Frasier
Editing: Carol Darnell
Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Graphic Design: Crystal Frasier
Cartography: Sean Macdonald
Interior Art: Octographics

Danger Zones: School

Atop a rushing subway car, trapped in a raging apartment fire, crushed beneath the animated oaks of a possessed parkland, superheroes face as much danger from the world around them as they do from their most nefarious villains.

“Invisigrrl...? Invisigrrl? Can one of you please respectfully determine if Ms Invisigrrl's desk is occupied this morning?”

High school students are famous for their decision-making skills, self-control, and utmost respect for all around them, so add superpowered teen heroes--or villains--to the mix, and... Oh. Oh no. Report for class in Danger Zones: School and see if you pass the ultimate test!

Danger Zones helps you bring your world alive by describing 30 different urban backdrops for superheroic action, from the classic warehouse to the neighborhood coffee shop to the hospital they’ll need to recover when the adventure is done. Every location includes a map, as well as useful information on how to use that setting’s unique features in a cunning plot or superhero slugfest.

To help populate your urban jungle, Danger Zones also provides a catalog of colorful characters, ready to come alive in your Mutants & Masterminds, Third Edition campaign!

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