AGE Battle & Loot: Tomb of the Seeress (PDF)


AGE Battle & Loot: Tomb of the Seeress
Downloadable Content (DLC)
compatible with the Dragon Age RPG
NOTE: Needs slight conversion to work with Fantasy AGE
Design: Will Hindmarch
Development: Chris Pramas
Art: Toren "MacBin" Atkinson, Kent Burles, Beth Trott
8-page, full-color PDF [5.5 MB download]
Fully compatible with the Dragon Age RPG
Fantasy AGE: What's different from Dragon Age?

Battle & Loot is a series of PDFs for GMs using the Adventure Game Engine (AGE). Each entry includes new monsters, treasures, and story ideas that are easily adaptable to any fantasy setting. A Battle & Loot PDF is a toolkit you can use to build anything from a single encounter to a collection of scenes totaling a whole adventure. Remix the game stats, themes, and motifs to suit your home campaign, wherever it might be set.

Tomb of the Seeress is the first of the Battle & Loot PDF series. It is built around the resting place of an ancient sphinx slain by mighty heroes in ages past. Tomb of the Seeress includes three new monsters, associated treasure tables, and new magic items and rewards. Perfect for your AGE fantasy campaign!

About AGE
The Adventure Game Engine (AGE) is the system that powers Green Ronin's Dragon Age RPG. AGE branded products are fully compatible with Dragon Age, but can be used in many different settings.

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