AGE Bestiary: Chimeric Creatures (PDF)


AGE Bestiary: Chimeric Beasts (PDF)
A bestiary for the Adventure Game Engine
100% compatible with the Dragon Age RPG
Design: Jack Norris
Development: Chris Pramas
Editing: Evan Sass
Graphic Design: Hal Mangold
Art: Britt Martin
Publisher, AGE System Design: Chris Pramas
Format: 6-page, two-color PDF [1.0 MB download]

A motley collection of animal parts brought together in one terrifying package, chimeric beasts are a mainstay of fantasy fiction, mythology, and roleplaying settings. From the noble half-lion half-eagle griffons to various abominations crafted from twisted occult science or sorcery, these creatures provide a serious challenge to even the hardiest adventurers.
Includes AGE system entries for the chimera, cockatrice, griffon, hawkbear, hippocamp, manticore, questing beast, and yali, along with rules for customizing or creating your own chimeric beasts.

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