Dragon Age Creatures of Thedas: The Wyvern (PDF)


Creatures of Thedas: The Wyvern
Downloadable Content (DLC)
for the Dragon Age RPG
Writing and Development: Will Hindmarch
Based on material by the Dragon Age Team
Graphic Design: Hal Mangold
Art: Caspar Konefal and Francis Lacuna
5-page, full-color PDF [2.6 MB download]
Age-System Compatible

Infamous for ferocity, the wyverns of Thedas are legendary to commoner and king alike. Bring these fearsome creatures from the "Mark of the Assassin" video-game DLC to your Dragon Age tabletop RPG campaign with this PDF containing complete statistics, game-world lore, and information on the notorious and rare hallucinogenic liquor concocted from wyvern venom. The newest entry in the Dragon Age RPG DLC series is here!

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