Fantasy AGE Companion (First Edition Hardback)


Fantasy AGE Companion
A rules supplement for the Fantasy AGE RPG
Writing & Design:
 Jack Norris, Chris Pramas, Steve Kenson, Jon Leitheusser, & Malcolm Sheppard
 Jack Norris & Chris Pramas
Jaym Gates 
Samantha Chapman
Art Direction And Graphic Design: 
Hal Mangold 
Cover Art: 
Javier Charro 
Back Cover Art:
 Claudia Ianniciello & Mirco Paganessi
Interior Art:
 Biagio D’alessandro, Stanislav Dikolenko, Olga Drebas, Felipe Gaona, Claudia Ianniciello, Matthias Kinnigkeit, Alyssa Mccarthy, Andre Meister, Mirco Paganessi, & Andrey Vasilchenko
Format: 128 pages, full color, hardback

First Edition


The Fantasy AGE Companion provides a plethora of new rules and play options for your Fantasy AGE roleplaying game campaign. This book expands upon the core Fantasy AGE rules and provides alternative game systems so that you can build rules and characters which fit any setting and genre you desire. This book contains the following:

  • New character races for Fantasy AGE, from the primal Beastfolk to the mechanical Orean.
  • New Talents and Specializations, including Bard, Diplomat, Gunfighter, and Martial Artist.
  • New magical Arcana, new spells for existing Arcana and new forms of magic. Channel power from the gods or learn the Death Arcana to become a necromancer.
  • Advanced rewards, including honorifics such as Master of the Blade, titles, and organizational memberships, which give characters power and respect in your game world.
  • Mighty artifacts which demand epic quests—and their dangerous drawbacks.
  • Rules for mass combat and organizations, which place the fate of thousands in characters’ hands.
  • Vehicle, chase, and structure rules covering everything from steampunk car chases to chariot races and attacks on castle walls.
  • Rules for Relationships, followers, and antagonists, which let you design boon companions and dire enemies.
  • Numerous ways to customize Fantasy AGE’s rules. Organize stunts into packages, adjust the game’s lethality, and more.

This book opens the way to new genres and campaign styles. Run a steampunk campaign with gunfighters and clockwork cars, or a battle of good versus evil featuring divine magic and Blooded characters, descended from dark and angelic beings. The choice is yours!

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ISBN: 9781934547854

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