Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook VTT Token Pack


Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook Token Pack

Art Direction and Graphic Design: Hal Mangold
Art: Joewie Aderes, Hannah Baker, Elena Barbieri, Simon Carr, Victor Corbella, Jan Cruz, Biagio D’Allesandro, Stanislav Dikolenko, Olga Drebas, Toby Fox, Anna Grinenko, Brian Hagan, Jack Hoyle, Claidia Ianniciello, Danil Luzin, Anderson Maia, Alyssa McCarthy, Johnny Morrow, Mirco Paganessi, Wayne Reynolds, Bryan Syme, Andrey Vasilchenko, and Carlos Villa
Tokens: Paul Timm
Format: 102 png files

From the pages of the Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook comes the Fantasy AGE Core VTT Token Pack. This collection gives players or game masters over 100 new tokens to represent various player characters, helpful allies, and cunning adversaries.

Set Contains the following 102 tokens

  • 65 Tokens,  these tokens are suitable as both heroic player characters, or for game master created NPCs.
  • 19 Adversaries Tokens, pulled from the Adversaries chapter of the Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook, these creatures are ready to challenge your heroes.
  • 18 NPC Tokens, these tokens feature named characters from the Breakwater Bay setting and the Set Sail to Breakwater Bay adventure.

SKU: GRR6101tokens

Tags: Tokens, VTT


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