Fantasy AGE Game Master's Toolkit (2nd Edition) (PDF)


Fantasy AGE Game Master’s Toolkit (2nd Edition) (PDF Version)
Author: Steve Kenson, Ian Lemke, Owen K.C. Stephens
Artist: Andrey Vasilchenko
Format: 3 printable color PDF GM screen panels, 5 printable / tablet-suitable color reference cards, 32-page PDF-format color booklet

The Game Master's Toolkit is a key accessory for your Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition campaign. It features three printable color GM screen panels with all the essential game info you need at the table and a 32-page color PDF-format booklet with a Hazard Compendium and The Breakwater Curse, a brand-new adventure. It also includes five color, printable / tablet-suitable quick reference cards that put the stunts and actions at your fingertips, and a printable combat tracker. The Game Master’s Toolkit is the perfect complement to the Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook and will help you kick off your game with style.

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