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Cross the Wine-Dark Sea and Storm the Walls of Troy Again!

Fantasy AGE Trojan War revives the classic 3rd Era historical fantasy supplement in streamlined form, for the Fantasy AGE RPG. This book explores the Homeric Age: a period that’s half history, half myth, and all about dramatic action, where gods and heroes battle each other…and the inescapable judgment of destiny. Enter the Iliad and other ancient tales in Fantasy AGE, using a host of new options:

  • Play Achaean Greeks, Trojans, and other ancient peoples, from Amazons to the divine offspring, with new backgrounds appropriate to the era.
  • New talents and specializations, from the Swift-Footed fighting style to Amazon ferocity and the strange magic of the Pharmakeus.
  • New magical Arcana, items, and discussions of the role of magic in Homeric mythology.
  • Weapons, armor, and other gear appropriate to the Homeric Age, including rules for hit locations and partial armor in combat.
  • Chariots and ships of the Homeric Age, and how to use them.
  • Rules for divine intervention which let gods and heroes meaningfully interact without compromising divine immortality. Fall under the eye of a deity through a Divine Bond, or feel the wrath of their manifestations.


Fantasy AGE Trojan War
Original Design: Aaron Rosenberg
Fantasy AGE Design:
 Malcolm Sheppard and Steve Kenson
 Owen K.C. Stephens
 Malcolm Sheppard
Proofreading: Skylar Mannen
Art Direction and Graphic Design: 
Hal Mangold
Cover Art:
 James Ryman
Shawn Brown
Interior Art:
 Drew Baker, Kent Burles, Caleb Cleveland, Jonathan Kirtz, Britt Martin, Beth Trott, and Lisa Wood
Chris Pramas
66-page, fully-bookmarked, color PDF [21 MB download]



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