Blue Rose Adventure: The Night Market (A 5e PDF)


PDF Format5e (Fifth Edition) CompatibleThe Night Market (PDF)
Fifth Edition Roleplaying in the World of Aldea
An Adventure For Use With the Blue Rose Adventurer's Guide
Writing & Design: Steven Jones
Development: Steve Kenson

Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Art: Claudia Iannaciello, David Keen, Olga Drebas,

Priscilla Kim, Johnny Morrow, Mirco Paganessi, & Steve Wood
Format: 17-page full-color PDF 

The Night Market:

The criminal Silence, so subtle within the Kingdom of the Blue Rose, occasionally hosts the Night Market, an underground auction of goods forbidden and illegal. Assigned to infiltrate just such a Night Market being held in the Veran Marsh, can the heroes successfully recover a shard of the sorcerous Shadow Heptagram? An adventure for 4 to 6 characters of levels 3–5.


The Night Market is also available for Blue Rose games using the AGE System, both as a standalone download and in the adventure collection Six of Swords.

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