Crisis in Freeport (PDF)


Crisis in Freeport (PDF)
A d20 System Adventure for Characters Level 7-9
Written by Chris Pramas and Robert J. Schwalb
Format: 64 page, perfect-bound PDF

Sea Lord Drac is dead but peace has not come to the City of Adventure. With no blood relative or named successor, Drac has created turmoil with his demise. Will the Captains' Council be able to maintain control or will Freeport erupt into a vicious civil war? As tensions rise, the PCs get entangled in the machinations of the succession crisis. Many covet the Sea Lord's power but only one can succeed the mad Milton Drac. Will the new Sea Lord return Freeport to its golden age or herald in a new era of terror?

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Tags: 3rd Era, Adventures, Freeport, PDFs


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