Death in Freeport Revised (PDF)


Death in Freeport Revised (PDF)
A Freeport Adventure
By Chris Pramas
Format: 32-page PDF distilled from source files
A 4.2MB Download
Version 3.5 rules-compatible

Return to the beginning of the d20 phenomena with this classic adventure! The original version of Death in Freeport was released on August 10, 2000, the very same day as the 3E PHB. Despite a very large print run, the adventure sold out within a year and has been out of print ever since. It went on to win the very first ENnie Award and the Origins Award for Best RPG Adventure. Death in Freeport Revised makes this classic adventure available again in PDF format, with updated stats for the 3.5 rules.

Death in Freeport Revised is a 32-page module from Chris Pramas, the author of the AD&D Guide to Hell and d20 System smash hit Legions of Hell. The first book for the d20 System, this adventure has been designed for 1st to 3rd level characters and is an ideal starting place for a new campaign. The player characters find themselves stranded in Freeport, a great trading city, after a deal goes sour. A seemingly simple job plunges them into the strange underside of the city, where they uncover secrets worth dying for.

Death in Freeport is the first part of the epic Freeport Trilogy and the beginning of a product line that currently includes 9 titles. This PDF also includes a special 4-page excerpt from Creatures of Freeport, the latest book in the series.

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