Trades of The Expanse: Scout (PDF Book for The Expanse RPG)


PDF FormatTrades of The Expanse: Scout (PDF)
A Sourcebook for The Expanse RPG

Design & Writing: Keith Garrett
Development: Ian Lemke
Editing: Skylar Mannen
Proofreading: Malcolm Sheppard
Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Art: Dimitri Bielak
Format: 15-page, full-color, PDF-format eBook 

Trades of the Expanse is a PDF series that details the occupations and professions players can explore in The Expanse RPG. Each PDF includes info on creating characters who practice a specific trade, game systems for handling their jobs, new rules content such as specializations and equipment, and adventure hooks and ideas for the GM to craft tie-in stories.

Scouts are the eyes and ears of humanity. In Earth’s past, scouts were the ones to look at what’s over the next hill, travel across the country to find the source of the river, and peek through a spyglass into the enemy camp to count their troops. In the era of the Epstein Drive, much is still the same: scouts still look for things, though their focus is much farther away. They look at what’s around that gas giant, travel through ring gates to find habitable new worlds, and peek through a probe’s scan of a pirate asteroid base to count their ships.

Scouts includes everything you need to embark on your career blazing trails through the ring gates.

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