Five and Infinity, Chapter 4: Midnight Gold (PDF)


Five and Infinity, Chapter 4: Midnight Gold (PDF)
An Adventure For the Modern AGE RPG
Lead Design: Crystal Frasier
Development: Malcolm Sheppard
Editing: Matt Click 
Graphic Design & Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Cover Art: Nikita Vasilchuk
Art: Mauro Alocci, Andrey Vasilchenko, Nikita Vasilchuk
Cartography: John Wilson
Format: 22-page, full-color PDF [9.5 MB download]

Industrial Damnation and Infernal Fortune

Demetrius Bassei came to the Netherworld of Mao Saothair to win back his son’s lost soul at the Midnight Gold, the plane’s foremost casino. He never returned. Now it’s up to your heroes to dare this hell dimension of endless cities and spirit-flensing factories, where demons gamble over the souls of the damned—and the merely unlucky. On Mar Saothair, bodies and minds crumble before the demands of endless urban toil, but debt is eternal. Who will you save, what will you win, and who do you owe?

Midnight Gold is an adventure for Modern AGE characters levels 9 to 12 in the Threefold setting, though with some adaptation it can be used for other Modern AGE campaigns. For full use of the adventure, the Modern AGE Basic Rulebook and Threefold campaign book are required.

This adventure can stand alone, but it’s also the fourth part of Five and Infinity adventure series, which takes your Modern AGE Threefold characters from levels 1 to 16.

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