Modern AGE Companion (PDF)


Modern AGE Companion (PDF)
Authors: Matthew Dawkins, Meghan Fitzgerald, Jaym Gates, Steve Kenson, Alejandro Melchor, and Malcolm Sheppard
Cover Artist: Víctor Leza Moreno
Format: 128-page, full-color, fully-bookmarked PDF


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Martial arts duels. Superpowers. Gadgets. Conspiracies. The Modern AGE Companion adds new rules for these elements and more, giving you the tools to customize the Modern AGE Roleplaying Game to fit countless campaigns.

Explore new backgrounds, professions, talents and other options to customize character creation for your campaign. Build your own stunts to suit different genres and environments. Master systems for everything from fighting styles to horror. New rules for extraordinary powers, technologies, and organizations, genre inspirations and campaign design tailor the game for players and Game Masters.

Make Modern AGE your own!

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