Modern AGE Game Master's Kit


Modern AGE Game Master’s Kit
Writing & Design: Malcolm Sheppard
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Hal Mangold
Ilich Henriquez, Claudia Ianniciello, Victor Leza Moreno, Mirco Paganessi Format: 3-panel hardback GM Screen and 6 reference cards with combat tracker

This Game Master’s Kit is the key accessory for your Modern AGE campaign. It features a three-panel hardback screen that puts critical game information in front of you, and hides the adversaries and surprises your game's heroes will face. It also includes 6 quick reference cards that put stunts and actions at your fingertips, and a combat tracker that you can write on with wet or dry erase markers. Organize your Modern AGE game with style!

SKU: GRR6303
ISBN: 9781934547960

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