Book of Magic (PDF)


Book of Magic
Written by D.T. Butchino, Joseph Carriker, Steve Kenson, Steven Marsh, and Aaron Sullivan
Format: 128 page PDF
ISBN: 1-932442-99-5


A Manual of Mysterious Magics!

By the Shining Sigil of Sirrion! The Book of Magic is the complete Mutants & Masterminds sourcebook on the Arts Arcane, all that is magical and mysterious. It is a guide to comic book magic, providing everything players and Gamemasters need to run games based on magical comics ranging from light-hearted to dark post-modern and everything in-between.

The focus is on magical characters and settings, but with an eye towards integrating these characters and elements into a more general superhero series. In the pages of the Book of Magic you'll find:

  • Six new hero archetypes and seven new villain archetypes, along with numerous supporting cast, minion, and creature archetypes, all ready for use; a complete cast of characters!
  • Eleven styles of magic and dozens of spells and magical items for mystic heroes and villains, from the All-Revealing Light of Abbridon to Yig's Inexorable Transformation, from the Abyssal Trident to the Wishing Ring.
  • The mystic secrets of the Freedom City setting, including cosmology, history, heroes, villains, creatures, magical items, and more! Plus eight mystic series frameworks to give you starting points for your own magical M&M game!

Plus a history of magic in comics, mystical dimensions, character creation, adventure creation, series advice, and more! Learn the secrets of superheroic sorcery from the Book of Magic and...

Make your M&M magical!

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