Freedom City Atlas #5: Providence Asylum (PDF)


Freedom City Atlas 5: Providence Asylum (PDF)
A Freedom City Adventure Location for Mutants & Masterminds
By Steve Kenson and Phillip Lienau
Format: 16-page full-color PDF
A 1.5 MB Download
Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition Compatible

The Freedom City Atlas is a series of products intended to flesh out and further detail the award-winning Freedom City setting for Mutants & Masterminds.

In this series, we "zoom in" to look at different facets of Freedom City in detail, providing you with all the information you need to know about them to make them centerpieces in one or more adventures set in the city of heroes.

After their defeat at the hands of Freedom City's heroes, costumed criminals are bound for one of two places. The first is Blackstone Penitentiary. The other is Providence Asylum, where those deemed mentally-ill by the justice system can receive treatment—and what is more of a sign of questionable sanity than putting on a strange costume to go out and commit crimes? (Save, perhaps, putting one on to go out and prevent them...)

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