Freedom City Street-Level Archetypes (PDF)


Freedom City Street-Level Archetypes
A Mutants & Masterminds sourcebook
By Michael Hammes
With artwork by Glasshouse Graphics
Format: 13-page full-color PDF [1.6 MB zipped PDF]
Created by Ronin Arts

This Mutants & Masterminds supplement offers players and Gamemasters a total of ten new ready-to-play archetypes street-level (PL 6-8) games set in Freedom City. All archetypes include the full stats and backgrounds specific to Freedom City. Although designed specifically for Freedom City street-level games the archetypes are also useful for Gamemasters in need of some NPC street-level villains or heroes (for any level game) and for players and Gamemasters of the upcoming Hero High (where they can represent incoming Freshmen); just give them some appropriate names and backgrounds and they're ready to go.

Skills are listed with the number of ranks after the skill name and the total skill bonus listed in parentheses. For example: Bluff 5 (+8) means the archetype has 5 ranks of Bluff and a total bonus of +8 when making Bluff checks.

All of the archetypes are for a power level 6 game, the default starting level for a street-level game; games taking place at a higher PL will require adjustments to the archetypes such as assigning additional points to attack and defense bonuses, power ranks, skills, feats, etc. within the themes established for each archetype. Note that several archetypes use the Attack/Defense trade-off rule to adjust their maximum attack, damage, defense, and Toughness save bonuses, as determined by their power level.

Freedom City Street-Level Archetypes includes the following:

  • Armed Citizen—not going to wait on the heroes.
  • Da Sihing—Master Lee's top student.
  • Emerging Mutant—coming into one's powers isn't easy.
  • Enduring Guardian—truly going beyond the call of duty.
  • Farsider Emigrant—protecting his adopted home.
  • Field Researcher—archaeology in the World of Freedom is unlike anything else.
  • Superpowered Orphan—who did she get her powers from?
  • Technology Geek—makes use of thematic gadgets.
  • Transformed Bystander—an innocent bystander no longer.
  • Zoom Survivor—sometimes an overdose gives you superpowers.

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