M&M Caper #3: Deadly Day of the Dread Destructus (PDF)


Deadly Day of the Dread Destructus (PDF)
A Silver-Age Caper for Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition
By Christopher McGlothlin
Art by MK Ultra Studios
Format: 9-page color PDF
A 1.3 MB download

Deadly Day of the Dread Destructus is designed for six to eight Silver Age Mutants & Masterminds heroes at approximately power level 10. It can accommodate a lone power level 12 hero as part of the group, but more such mighty do-gooders are going to require the gamemaster to ratchet up the opposition, either in numbers, power level, or both to provide a sufficient challenge for the heroes.

This adventure is set in Freedom City during the mad, wonderful era circa 1956-1969 (described in detail in the Silver Age sourcebook from Green Ronin Publishing). It can, however, be used in any seaboard campaign city of the gamemaster's choice simply by changing the proper names.

The adventure's Silver Age time frame can be adjusted too, as it's anchored to that era mostly in tone rather than history. Advice is given on how to substitute more modern versions of the Silver Age villains included right after their game statistics.

Although the Silver Age and Freedom City sourcebooks are recommended for running this adventure and capturing the feel of the era, they are not required. The adventure contains everything needed to run it using just the Mutants & Masterminds rulebook.

M&M Capers provide GMs with affordable adventures suitable for playing in one gaming session.

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