Astonishing Adventures: A Cold Day In Midtown (PDF)


Astonishing Adventures: A Cold Day In Midtown (PDF)
A Sub-Zero Mutants & Masterminds Adventure for 4-6 Heroes of PL 10
Writing: Crystal Frasier
Design: Alexander Thomas
Editing: Carol Darnell
Proofreading: Samantha Chapman
Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Graphic Design: Crystal Frasier
Art: Darren Calvert, Jeff Carlisle, Scott James, Denis Medri, Domenico Nezitti

Format: 22-page, full-color PDF
Also includes 5 .por files for use with Hero Labs (available separately from Lone Wolf)

A Cold Day In Midtown

Bitter cold preserves all things, from instant meals to mammoth carcasses, and in the human heart it can preserve legacies and rivalries. Madame Zero is driven by cold fury and she has a plan for Freedom City. With her team of ice-themed villains called the Cold Front, she plans to plunge the city into a new Ice Age! It’s up to the heroes to save the populace, uncover the secret power behind their plot, and bring an early thaw to Madame Zero’s winter wonderland. Can the heroes bring the heat, or will they end up casualties of A Cold Day In Midtown?

A Cold Day In Midtown is a one-shot adventure for four to six PL 10 heroes, although GMs may scale it for larger or smaller hero teams by adjusting the villains' number or power level. While the adventure begins in Freedom City and includes an iconic Freedom City opponent, it can easily be set anywhere on Earth Prime or your own setting and accommodate almost any antagonist with a chilling disposition.

Astonishing Adventures brings you exciting, ready-to-run scenarios for Mutants & Masterminds, Third Edition, complete with all the action and villains you need to bring the story to life!

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