For Hart and Queen: A Blue Rose Anthology (ePub & PDF)


For Hart and Queen
A Blue Rose Anthology
Editors: Joseph D. Carriker, Jr. and Jaym Gates
Authors: Rhiannon Louve, Clio Yun-Su Davis,  Erik Scott de Bie, Calvin Jim, Jennifer Purcell Rosenberg, Lindsay Smith, A. B. Neilly, Brandon O’Brien, Michael Matheson,  F. Wesley Schneider, and Will Sobel
Cover Artist: Jian Guo
Format: eBook (.epub and .pdf formats), 341 pages



For Hart & Queen is a wide-ranging anthology of stories from the world of Blue Rose. From the wind-swept plains of Rezea to the gentle city life of Aldis, these stories explore the many cultures and tales in this vibrant world.

Rhiannon Louve warps up the tale of an aging Rose Knight who believes her story is over, only to be drawn into a conspiracy of Shadow alongside an intriguing new partner. Will Sobel’s tale of intrigue and self-discovery in Hunt for the Hart is a new look into the Kingdom of the Blue Rose; Michael Matheson’s Jarzoni refugee makes her way through the desert to a new life, accompanied only by ghosts. F. Wesley Schneider’s Nearly Perfect offers a grim take on love and loss, while Brandon O’Brien’s rogue gets a comedic comeuppance.

Each of these tales stands alone on its own merits, while adding new life to the setting Green Ronin’s Blue Rose roleplaying game. Gamemasters may find new adventures and characters within this book, while readers will enjoy the wide-open plains of Rezea’s horse masters and the quiet comforts of Aldis.

Authors for this engaging anthology include Rhiannon Louve, Clio Yun-Su Davis, Erik Scott de Bie, Calvin Jim, Jenifer Purcell Rosenberg, Lindsay Smith, A. B. Neilly, Brandon O’Brien, Michael Matheson, F. Wesley Schneider, and Will Sobel.

Note: This digital edition includes ePub and PDF versions of the anthology.

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