The Doom That Came To San Francisco (Mutants & Masterminds Novel)


The Doom That Came To San Francisco
A Mutants & Masterminds Novel
Author: Richard Lee Byers
Cover Art:  Storn Cook, Scott James
Format: Trade Paperback (6”x9” softback)
This novel is also available in eBook formats, sold separately.

248 pages

Visions of Doom

Thomas Rhymer is blessed—or burdened—with the Sight, and the mystic investigator knows something terrible is coming to the city of San Francisco. The Bay Area has its own mystic protector, the young hero known as Gatekeeper, chosen guardian of the Dimension of Doors, but then why is Rhymer experiencing visions of impending doom for the city and its protector?

Across three different worlds, three occult villains meet their end...except they are given an out and taken across the multiverse to Earth-Prime. The mysterious Arcanix, thief of arcane secrets, has a plan, and needs allies to accomplish it, a never-before-seen alliance of magical miscreants. Together their powers can overwhelm the still inexperienced Gatekeeper, and even the wits and wiles of Thomas Rhymer might not be enough to stop them.

Fortunately for the beleaguered heroes, they have un- expected allies: Beneath the streets of the city dwell the mysterious Shadow Knights, a quartet of martial arts crime-fighters who just happen to be sisters...and rabbits. Can the Shadow Knights help to turn the literal eldritch tide that threatens to rise and engulf the city, or will Arcanix’s plan and villainous allies bring about its doom...?

SKU: GRR7103
ISBN: 9781949160574

Tags: Arcane Secrets Duology, Arcane Secrets Duology Print, duology, Earth-Prime, Fiction, Nisaba, Novel


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