All Time, No Space (A Free Mutants & Masterminds PDF)


PDF FormatMutants & Masterminds Third Edition RulesAll Time, No Space (PDF)
A FREE Mutants & Masterminds Supplement
Writing: Crystal Frasier
Design: Crystal Frasier
Editing: Michael Matheson
Art Direction: Hal Mangold
Graphic Design: Crystal Frasier
Art: Conceptopolis, Alberto Foche
Format: 6-page, full-color PDF

Tasty tactical tidbits to tantalize tenacious time travelers or terrorize temporal tourists. 

Not everything fits in the time machine. Sometimes you have so much great text you just can’t cram it into a single book, and your favorite bits and pieces end up on the cutting room floor. That was certainly the case with the Time Traveler’s CodexBut there’s no reason to toss that amazing game material aside! Inside All Time, No Space, you’ll find equipment and monsters culled from the Time Traveler’s Codex during the layout process. 
  • Make your favorite villain a threat to history by equipping them with the Time Scepter!
  • Slap the Mermaid template on your favorite mooks for aquatic minions!
  • Or, pit your heroes’ wits against a wily Fox Maiden straight out of Chinese and Japanese myth!
You don’t need the Time Traveler’s Codex to enjoy this product, but if you do enjoy what it has to offer, the Codex will give you a whole lot more!

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