Dragon Age Faces of Thedas: Tallis (PDF)

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Faces of Thedas: Tallis
Free Downloadable Content (DLC)
for the Dragon Age RPG
Writing and Development: Will Hindmarch
Based on material by Felicia Day and the Dragon Age team
Graphic Design: Hal Mangold
Art: Leroy Chen, Nate LaMartina, Matt Rhodes
5-page, full-color PDF [2.1 MB download]
Age-System Compatible

The deadly and witty elf assassin called Tallis is an exciting new addition to the world of Dragon Age, debuting simultaneously in the original web series, Dragon Age: Redemption, written by and starring Felicia Day, and the Dragon Age II downloadable content, Mark of the Assassin. Felicia Day created the character of Tallis and portrays her in both projects. Now, with this short DLC for the Dragon Age tabletop roleplaying game, GMs can import this intriguing character into their own campaigns.

Faces of Thedas: Tallis starts off with an interview with Felicia Day, wherein she reveals much about the process she went through to create Tallis. After that you'll find background information on Tallis, ideas about using her in your Dragon Age game, and RPG stats for her at levels 1 and 10. And it's all free!

Discover the Faces of Thedas today!

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