Modern AGE Threefold Quickstart (PDF)


Burning Brighter…

Modern AGE SystemPDF FormatShots fired at a New York clinic. Dissolving futuristic guns. Lunatics with swords. A bizarre disease, not of this world—but as someone initiated into the truth about the universe, you know other worlds exist, and they’re just a few steps and a secret gate away. In the service of the Sodality, guardian order of the manifold planes, it’s time to go exploring, whether it takes you to grand magical cities or desolate hells.

…Across the Threefold Metacosm

Enter the Metacosm of Threefold, the first original setting for the Modern AGE roleplaying game. This adventure includes all the rules you need to play and takes characters across four different planes of existence—at least—in search of the source of a supernatural plague. Threefold combines science fiction, fantasy, and horror in a single, vast setting, unlocking the full potential of the Modern AGE rules. Modern AGE is easy to learn and play, requiring nothing but six-sided dice, writing materials, and friends to play with. The Modern AGE Basic Rulebook is available now! Look for Threefold in stores and online in September 2019.

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Tags: Adventure Game Engine (AGE), AGE, free, Modern, Quickstart


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