Tales of Freeport: In the Shadows (Short Fiction, Three Electronic Formats)


ePub formatmobi formatIn the Shadows
A short story set in the World of Freeport
Author: Richard C. White
Editing: Jaym Gates
Graphic Design: Hal Mangold
Executive Producer: Chris Pramas
13 pages, three formats: PDF, ePub, mobi (Amazon Kindle)

A crew docks in the City of Adventure, ready to carouse with their newly-won booty. But one swabby has a much darker purpose...

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About Richard C. White

Richard C. WrightRichard C. White is a science fiction/fantasy author, but he has also been known to do dark fantasy, new pulp, historical adventure, fantasy noir, and even non-fiction. His latest releases are Harbinger of Darkness and For a Few Gold Pieces More. a dark fantasy short story collection. Other recent releases were Terra Incognito, a collection of articles on world building, and “War Stories” which appeared in Liberty Girl: Fight for Freedom. He’s also written short stories for various anthologies, such as Monsters, Robots, and Space for the Origins Game Fair, as well as All for One: Tales of the Musketeers, and Charles Boeckman Presents: Johnny Nickle. He’s also written the novellas The Full Moon Affair and The Dark Leopard.

As a media tie-in writer, he’s written for Star Trek, Doctor Who, and The Incredible Hulk. His novel, Gauntlet Dark Legacy: Paths of Evil, was the best-selling tie-in for his publisher that year. His latest tie-in works are "In the Shadows" for Green Ronin and No Rest for the Wicked, for Battletech.

Richard is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers. Additionally, Richard serves on the SFWA Writer Beware committee.

About Nisaba Press

Nisaba Press is the fiction imprint of Green Ronin Publishing. Nisaba will be publishing novels, anthologies, and short fiction tied to the rich and varied worlds of Green Ronin’s tabletop roleplaying properties. Current plans include stories of swashbuckling horror in the fantasy world of Freeport: City of Adventure, tales set in the romantic fantasy world of Aldea from the Blue Rose Roleplaying Game, superheroic adventures set in the world of Earth-Prime from Mutants & Masterminds, and chronicles of fantasy survival-horror in the world of The Lost Citadel.

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Tags: Fiction, Freeport, Nisaba, Short Story


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